Abstract Art and Jewelry

About Me

Why I’m Here


I  always  had  a  creative  and  imaginative mind  but  I  never  thought  of  using  it  to  create  abstract art  and jewelry until  I  melted  my  first  piece  of  aluminum.  From  that  day  on  I  set  myself  on  a  journey  to  learn  and  discover as  much  as  I  could.

My Medium


I try to incorporate as much scrap wood, metals and plastics as I can so that my creations are totally unique and that they bring life back to discarded objects. Of course what I can’t find or make I utilize epoxies, plaster, concrete and 3D printing to create.

My Inspiration


I am inspired and influenced by many genres of work. From horror to sci-fi, nature to industrial, steampunk to the garden. I love to go up to my scrap yard and just walk around seeing things that have yet to be created.


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